Site Fee Worksheet

EVENT: ____________________________ DATE: __________

AUTOCRAT: _____________________________________________________

ASSISTANT AUTOCRAT: __________________________________________

STEP 1: Determine the cost of the site.
TOTAL COST OF THE SITE: $ ___________
What the site owners will charge us to use the facilities

STEP 2: Determine the Expected, Realistic Size ____________
The number of people likely to attend. Keep in mind any restrictions on numbers of people that the site may have.

STEP 3: Determine the Cost Per Person
$ __________ / __________ = $ _____________
   Site cost    /    Expected Size  =  Site Cost/person

STEP 4: Determine the Ancillary Support Cost
TOTAL ANCILLARY COST: $ ______________
Biffy rentals, site personnel fees (janitors, security, etc.), A&S contest supplies, tourney prizes, etc. all come under this heading. Sum up all the extra costs. Include site fee of complimentary attendees.

$ _______________ / _______________ = $ _______________
   Ancillary cost     /   Expected Size  =  Ancillary Support Cost / person

STEP 5: Sum up the costs to determine your budget.

Site Cost/Person $ _______________
Ancillary Support Cost/Person $ _______________

TOTAL COST per PERSON $ _______________
This is what it will cost Wyewood to have each person attend the event.

STEP 6: Work out your profit margin. How much will the event make over costs? Round up the total cost per person to the nearest whole dollar, with the understanding that this figure may be changed later.

ROUNDED AMOUNT $ ________________

This will be the site fee per person for those attending for the day (day trip fee.) If there will be additional costs for some people (for camping, feast, etc.), see below.

STEP 7: (OPTIONAL) Determine the Feast Fee $ ________________
You will need to consult with the head cook to get this figure.
See Worksheet B on how to calculate this.

STEP 8: (OPTIONAL) Determine the Camping Fee $ ________________
Sometimes, a site will have both day activities and camping available, and an extra fee will need to be charged those who are camping. Determine this by any extra fees the site charges for camping spaces divided by number of spaces available. This calculation will likely vary depending on the site used. If you have any questions on how to compute this, consult with your assistant autocrat or the seneschal.

STEP 9: Now you can determine the price you will need to charge per person. Now is the time to determine if you wish to give price breaks to children. You can figure this based on the number of people with families who are likely to attend. Again, consult your assistant autocrat or seneschal if you have questions.

ADULT DAY TRIP SITE FEE $ _______________
ADULT FEAST FEE (if applicable) $ _______________
ADULT CAMPING FEE (if applicable) $ _______________

CHILD DAY TRIP SITE FEE $ _______________
CHILD FEAST FEE (if applicable) $ _______________
CHILD CAMPING FEE (if applicable) $ _______________