Feast Planning Worksheet

EVENT: ____________________________ DATE: __________

AUTOCRAT: _____________________________________________________

ASSISTANT AUTOCRAT: __________________________________________

HEAD COOK: ____________________________________________________

All calculations on this worksheet must be made in consultation with the head cook.

STEP 1: Determine the maximum number that the feast hall will seat comfortably, or, alternatively, how many persons you feel you can reasonably cook for. Keep in mind the number of tables and chairs the site may have, and whether additional ones will need to be rented. Such rentals will be an ancillary support cost of the event.


STEP 2: Determine the number that will sit at each table. This will aid in planning for serving and apportioning food.

FEASTERS PER TABLE: _____________

STEP 3: Determine the likely cost of the feast, adding up all costs for food and related supplies. Include in this any fee charged by the site for use of the kitchen facilities. The feast cost should be determined by the head cook.

TOTAL COST OF FEAST: $ _______________

STEP 4: Determine the feast cost per person.

______________   /   $ _______________ = $ _______________
Maximum number of feasters  /  Total cost of feast = Feast cost/person

This is how much it will cost Wyewood to feed each person.

STEP 5: Work out your profit margin. How much will the feast make over costs? Round up the total cost per person to the nearest whole dollar, with the understanding that this figure may be changed later.

ROUNDED AMOUNT $ ________________

This is your feast fee per person.